Saturday, June 18, 2016

#30DAYSWRITINGCHALLENGE DAY 14: Movies I never get tired watching

I've been abandoning this writing challenge for way too long, haven't I? Ok it's now time to make things right.. yosh!


I have this one movie that I love love love superlove from my teenage days era, I didn't know for sure why I love it but I think I know now.

10 Things I hate about you <3 p="">

Reasons why I love this movie (until today - uh I got the urge to rewatch it soon eventhough I watched it more than 10 times already lol) are:

1. The casts
You got Julia Stiles, Heath Ledger and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in one movie. Well, obviously you will recognise more people from the casts cos they've been starring so many movies and TV series since then.

But Julia Stiles was the coolest girl on that era, right? Her resting bitch face is the shit, she rocked that small boobs and also the crop top, also the flipflop and she kicked ass, hard! Heath Ledger was charming with that accent (and didn't sound like typical aussie) - he was just classy, what! And don't forget the 'Can't Take My Eyes Off of You' moment at the football field. EPIC!<3 p="">

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is one of my fave actor and I still think that he is underrated! He is damn talented as an actor and he can sing!! Matanya sipitttttt, lucu sekali ini bule. AHAHAHAHA!

Likewise, Joe, likewise.

You might know him from 500 days of summer or Inception but he was adorable in 10 Things I hate about you! I noticed him cos I thought back then, oh why this boy so cute I wanna hug him (and kiss and maybe more) lollllll I LOVE HIM!!!

The rest of the casts are unimportant (to me) la. So let's just skip.

2. The soundtrack
This is the first soundtrack album that I listened to every songs in it and I love it so much I never skip one song. It suits the movie so much and I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Letters to Cleo! And on this album you gotta listen to Save Ferris, Semisonic, The Cardigans, and Madness!

3. School/Teen Movie is awesome
It is always awesome to me cos in my country, schools are not as cool as what it appeared on TV lol. Well it was back then, I heard some of our school nowadays are similar to those schools. But I can assure you it is not because I love schools LOLLLLL

I guess I only have 3 points hehehe

Well sometimes you watched something back in younger day and found them really cool but when you watched it again you realise your younger you was one helluva corny person... but this one movie is not. It is still great until today. You will love it even more after you read the trivia about the making of this movie.

It teaches me one thing tho, a real good thing will last for a long long time.
So I pray so I can have the realest real thing for everything that happens in my life.

Ok I will leave you with this famous poem from the movie.

I believe back in the past there are people who actually nailed to memorise this lol

and also this so you (and i) can recall the feel that came with this scene #emomuch

still have more than 15 days to finish this challenge? gosh what did I get myself into?!

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