Monday, November 28, 2016

#30DAYSWRITINGCHALLENGE DAY 15: My whole day......

Before I jump into the post...... can we appreciate the fact that I started this before the year 2015 ended... and now, day 15 just right before year 2016 ended? Lame, Oen, lame.

But time does fly pretty rapid this year....
is the world going to an end, for real this time?

Ok ok, to the post.

It's still somewhere in the afternoon and I have been busy for nothing all day today. Mostly paying this and that (the joy of being adult yay), making myself a lunch, revising work and whatnot.

But I will tell you a bit about yesterday.

So I was leaving house really early in the morning, 7AM if you may ask (it's early for me.... especially on a Sunday, duh, come on!).. and why? Because I am on a mission... nope, not to exercise, but to help my dear friend to learn how to drive.

Before we got to the story about that, I will tell you how I learned how to drive.... more than 10++ years ago.

I was a lazy girl, and things were always sorted out for me so I don't really have to do much cos I was a princess la. But I don't know why, just after high school I asked my parents to let me get my driving's license and of course, driving course. I don't know if this could be useful for me (since I am lazy and undetermined lol) but I just really want to be able to drive.

So I was sent to this small driving school, 5 times and private. So it'll be only me and the instructor. Guess what, the horror begins. I don't know what i was doing and then my instructor came... he was a not so tall middle aged guy, not so old, not young as well. He looked tired and annoyed, i should've known better, could be hungry and whatever la, he was just not looked happy.. and I guess he was.

The way he told me to either hit on the break or step on the gas was horrific. He literally shouted, max volume. And the car was not too good cos AC was not cold (or I was too scared I sweat myself a lot lol). When I did some mistake (which I did a lot, cos I am a newbie what), he got angry leh.

I don't like being in such unnecessary pressure, so I just did what he told me to.. and you know the rest, I didn't get better. Ok maybe a little but it was so stressful, I didn't wanna talk about it lol. Even when my mom asked after the course, I would say: "the instructor went crazy, mom, but I am ok. I wish I could punch him in the face, tho."

But I didn't, Ok. I was just a teenager lol. The beast has not released just yet.

In between the course, I guess it was between the 4th and the very last one, I asked my dad (which was a fantastic driver) to teach me, cos the course was about to end and I want to be able to drive after it was finished. So my dad thought why not and so we went. Sunday morning, a driving date with my dad (also had noodle that morning yay) and off we went.

The session went so well, I guess this was because my dad has never been an angry type so the atmosphere was just so positive and calm. He commented a little, but that was it. He told me I was ready to drive for real. He also said to always think and calm down... and I'll be OK. Also, he said be careful and never hit human being, hitting a car is still OK la, we can pay to fix. Human could die so do not ever hit them. LOL THANKS DAD

Days after, I went to school again for the last time. With the confident my dad gave me, I drove like a pro. The instructor was shocked, tho. Even shock-er when I decided to step on the gas and speed a bit. Yes I was a bit of an asshole back then. Don't judge. Ok you can judge la, I don't care.

So after that, I told my mom I want to drive everywhere. She is always get worried but I also don't know why this time she agreed and supported me.

Little did I know this was also God's work.

Several years after, my dad got stroke and our lives has changed ever since. I can't always rely on my big bro cos he has his own life too, work etc. Public transportation can la, but how if we need to go in the middle of the night, like emergency or whatnot? It is not convenient, right.

And one day, my big bro had to go to Surabaya for good. I am the remaining human being who can drive in this house.... and can you imagine if I didn't follow the voice that was telling me to learn how to drive that day? God is good, my friend, God is good.

For the same reason, I thought I should help my friend when she asked me if I can teach her. Her father was recently being hospitalised and there were nobody who can drive except the father. So she was a bit pissed to know that she has a car but she can't drive.

And things are easier now cos matic car is just gas and break, right. But for us who knows how to drive manually..... we rock! (and also very good to speed lol - which I liked to do back in my younger years.) Driving a stick shift with three pedals - the dreaded clutch (injek tuh kopling kalo ga mau mati mesin di jalan kkkk), break and gas - is an art. Cheers, mate!

All good, all good.

But back to my instructor. When I grew up, I realise that life is not as simple as ABC. There are always more and more problems and sometimes it is unavoidable. I was pissed (and wanted to punch him in the face) but I didn't know about life at that very time. As an adult now, I can think of the possibilities why he was being such an asshole back then: money is not really good? and look at these small people with their parents' money coming here and what? they'll be driving A, B, C car? That's a nice car (he actually asked what car we'll be using so he can pick the car from the school so we get used to it easily).

whatever reasons la..... we can get pissed and upset for so many things, right. Family matters, work, salary, sickness, debts, kids' school and expenses, parents are sick, friends are this and that..... etc etc. Shit happens all the time. 

We should respect other people la. It's not wise to be angry and bitter about your life and let every people taste a bit of it. You can be bitter for yourself la, we don't care but respect the time and money people spent for your service.. sad truth but you are paid to do the job.

I love challenges. I am sick like that, and I do feel that I need to be challenge constantly so I can try and fight better and climb higher.

But the pressure from the wrath of the instructor was unnecessary, ya. If I was given the shit NOW....... I'll made sure he's sorry and apologise and get himself together or he's about to lose the job. Seriously, you don't wanna mess with this bitch.

Kindness is kindness, but I have obligation and I deserve my right.
Never expect people's kindness when you're giving people ass.

Oh well, now I sound very bad. But I don't give people shit out of nothing la. (I mean, why? I got things to do!) Just.. be nice and respect people, will you?


That's all I thought all day yesterday.
Went to church in the evening.
Had a quick dinner and then make a list of things that I am thankful for these couple of days. 
and that's all. Adult life can be so boring, right.
Not that I miss my teenage days tho.

Gosh, 15 days to go :S

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