Monday, February 29, 2016

#30DaysWritingChallenge Day 12: 5 Blessings in my life

This is so easy to do if we're talking about big blessings; such as wealth, health, family, friends, etc etc.. so let's talk about the small ones!

First of all, today is February 29th which only comes once in every 4 years.... and the day that Leonardo di Caprio *finally* won his Oscar. Congratulation! You deserve it!

But really, I was taking shower and thinking about it. Did Leo win? OMG Did he win this time? I reached my phone after I came out from the bathroom and found people in my timeline are talking about his winning. YAYYYY!

Back to business!

  1. For a can of Ma Ling (Pork 🐷 luncheon meat) that we opened today. It is delicious *as usual* because it's pork *yes* and it means tomorrow we'll still be eating the same thing and it's fine because it's yum.
  2. For discounted milk 🍼 carton in one of the supermarket near our house for le brother. Boronggggg!
  3. For new make up  brushes set that comes in the mail today! It's cheap and so soft and I love cheap but goodie goodies! 💖
  4. It's the end of the month... which means.... PAY DAY! 😆
  5. For a freshly cut nails! Feels clean as new now ✨
Small things can make us happy, too. Count and pile it up so it will become many small blessings.. and be happy for all the small things we usually take for granted!

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