Wednesday, February 24, 2016

#30DaysWritingChallenge Day 10: Something I feel strongly

I do believe the root of road rage is stupidity. But what is the root of that stupidity?

Let's talk about it.

I have an awful road rage while driving. It's not becos I can't control my emotion. it's not becos I'm not a happy person. It is simply becos I am surrounded by so many assholes who don't know how to drive or ride motorbike/bike or walk properly. They think that the road is their father's (or in bahasa: mereka pikir jalanan ini punya bapaknya) -- which according to my father: it's a fact (cos their fathers build the road lol ok no lol but seriously lollll). My mother thinks that most of them are actually 'asking' to get hit by our car so they can blackmail us. Sounds harsh but it happens here, bruh.

Yes, my fam has so many things to say but I gotta say they have a point.

I personally think that common sense is rare. More to almost extinct.

These are some of the stupid things people do on the road:

1. Texting while driving.
It's OK if you wanna die, make sure you don't drag other people with you. Texting while driving is irresponsible.

2. People with no helmet on.
What is wrong with you? It's not for other people's benefit, man. It's for your safety, how is it so hard for them to understand? Your waxed/gelled/pomaded hair ruined? You're wearing religious attribute? SERIOUSLY MAN. You have a crazy way to express your faith! Faith doesn't work that way, for God's sake! Helmet is made for your safety, so your brain won't be scattered and ruined if you're thrown to the road and your head hit the concrete. Stupid or what? Die la.

3. Illegal driver/rider.
I rarely see kids driving cars, but I've seen a lot of children riding motorbike. Usually *sorry no sorry* the low class ones. The law stated minimum age for driving and riding for reasons. One of them is to protect them, the other is to protect other people. Mostly to protect your kids. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?

4. Incompetent/irresponsible driver/rider.
Tell me, really, have you ever met someone who sign left and then they turn right? Yup. Mostly women. Oh, by the way, I've never trust women who ride motorbike. Best is to avoid them far far away. Once I had this mbak-mbak cut me at a busy intersection (without traffic light), so we wait turns to go, right. When our line is ready to go, I stepped on the gas just a bit... and yaaaas she cut me and slow down, very slow like she almost stopped, while everybody is moving. So I, shocked, of course and accidentally bumped her la. She was pissed, opened her helmet and yelled something.... to be honest I can't hear anything cos obviously I was listening to music lollll. What happened next is: I leaned forward from my seat and tilted my head up with the WHAT-HUH-WHAT-WHAT-YOU-THINK-I'M-SCARED look la! Please note that I wasn't scared at all cos I'm inside the car lolllll

Other example would be those who doesn't turn their light on especially in the dark (cos motorbike should turn on the light during the day, too, right.) Might be forgotten, but most likely incompetency. People who can drive/ride will never forget to turn the light on, becos it's so freaking dark, how can you drive/ride that way? Well, some people don't know how to turn on the light on a motorbike. Like me hahaha and I don't ride motorbike. I can't and I don't want.

5. Impatient traffic light offender.
SERIOUSLY MAN, IDK WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU ALL. How long will we have to wait for a traffic light? 2-3minutes max. It's not much, but I know when we're driving, a minute feels so damn long but come on, man. Don't you wanna be alive for your family? For yourself? How hard is it to wait for a while? YOU WANNA PEE SO  BAD, IS IT!!? Chill!

6. Greedy parking people.
You know this kind, I bet. The one who likes to park in two spaces. They can be pure stupid, or they don't want to risk any stupid man scratching their car. Fact is, they are more stupid than other drivers. They should be charged with two parking tickets, man! And a long and deep scratch as well. Thanks.

7. Dumbo public transporation.
So in Jakarta we got the TransJakarta bus, they only roll on a major street. And then there are regular bus, which I considered as the most dangerous creature on the street. They are reckless, they don't care if they bump you, they always cut the line, they often ride in the other line (the one going the opposite way), they never stop in the bus stop (wonder why) and they stop wherever they want instead.. such as in intersection, where people want to turn there, or in the middle of the road (seriously). Anywhere but the bus stop (wonder why (2)). Sigh.

There are smaller transportation too. It's like a shuttle car from point 1 to point 2, and back again to point 1. They are the smaller version for the regular bus, but they are meant to reach smaller lanes, something regular bus can't reach, la. Similar kind of quality, very reckless and stops wherever they want. Sometimes they race from one car to another, why, you ask? Cos they want to get all the passenger for themselves. Yes, those selfish assholes.

8. Reckless driver/rider.
Yes. Sometimes they are licensed driver/rider, they put seatbelt on, or helmets on, they know how to operate these vehicles very well, but they are just reckless. Riders usually want to slip between cars, cos they don't wanna be trapped in traffic jam and they can.. but sometimes they are forcing it ya, like in such a small and tight spaces and usually ended up bumping either their steering wheel to the body, or their tyre to our bumper. Whatever it is, it sucks.

By the way, a stupid motorbike just bump his steering wheel to my car cos he was trying to slip between the cars. And yes, as usual, he ran la. SERIOUSLY I CANNOT!!!

9. Slowpoke.
You know these type also. They are slow like super mega hyper slow, idk if these people has a job, or errands to run, or even urgency to do something important? People usually label these people as "the lovey dovey couple" cos they don't want to arrive so soon, they decided to slow down. Seriously man, perfect place to be lovey dovey is at home, on the bed, when it's drizzling (eh curhat xD). Not in the car, or motorbike. Nope. Go home, get a room, bam.

But seriously, sometimes these people are alone. Why so slow? Enjoying life, is it? Sorry to burst your bubble but you need to come back to earth and think about this: YOU ARE NOT THE CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE and obviously not the only person driving/riding on the road. Other people need to do things, sometimes in a hurry, like tight schedule, or late becos of this or that, we have urgencies, we have jobs, we have to be somewhere soon. Maybe you don't need to work and have nothing important to do, GOOD FOR YOU, MAN, but this is not your father's, or your grandfather's, or even your dead ancient's road.

Well actually you can.. but please MOVE ASIDE and let people pass you la! Isn't this thing is so easy to solve? Common sense, right or not? Ah ya I just remembered, common sense is not too common anymore, huh? But people still have brain, is it? *beneran nanya*

10. Pedestrian is a king... says your mother!
No, you are not. We are all equal, ok? I don't know why people like to walk veeeery close to where the car pass by? Ok this is because we don't have sidewalk pavement in some roads, true, but still ya, you are responsible for your own safety. If you don't want to get hit by a car, don't go to close, la!

Yesterday I had to abuse my horn to let these girls came back to reality and move a bit cos these 4 girls were walking in rows and blocking people's way huh like they are Spice Girls or All Saints (ketauan umurnya deh hehheeh) or SNSD (biar kekinian, eh tapi kebanyakan), or JKT48 (lebih banyak lagi ahhaha berlebihan yah), or whatever girl band deh.

Some of them prefer to across the busy road and have the chance to get hit by a car or crazy bus and limping for the rest of their lives instead of using the crossing bridge the government has built for pedestrians! WHY? WHY!?!? (Well sometimes, the bridge is used by motorbikers who don't want to go a long way and find a U turn...... geez. what the fudge is wrong with people?!)


Oh well. I don't know how many days we will have to spend to talk about this. But I got epiphany just recently on how people can be this stupidly crazy: TOO MANY MSGS WILL MAKE YOU DUMB. Seriously. Let's face it, our food contains too many MSG, right. From the instant noodle to the snacks range. YASSSS I SAID IT!!!!

So if you're still wondering what is the root of the stupidity that has been causing road rages everywhere... the answer is MSGs. Oh I mean, the people who consumes MSGs in crazy amount everyday.

Stay safe and avoid MSGs. Once in a while is still OK, I supposed but NOT EVERY MEAL, please.
And.... don't be stupid. Be smart. Don't be a cause of other people's road rage. Bad karma, man, BAD KARMA!!!

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