Thursday, January 7, 2016

#30DaysWritingChallenge Day 9: words of wisdom

Another trouble sleeping, yay! Peghel mampus iki....
Words of wisdom... I'm not sure which should I wrote about, since I've been surrounded by wise people, fake or real lol but I guess I chose one already!
I got it yesterday so yes it's still fresh!
"When you're going through hard times and you wondering where is GOD, just remember the teacher is always quiet during the test."
Usually during the test we , I mean : I, whine more about His whereabouts. Why He is so quiet and why doesn't He answer me or my prayers back?
After I read this quote and reflected back to my life.. That's why it is called 'Test', right?
It doesn't mean that my life became easier but at least one thing in this world makes sense now so life supposed to be a bit lighter. Just a bit but still better than nothing!
A revelation in the middle of busy days, yes I've been busy since weekday started. If God is silent now, OK la He's testing me now. Good thing cos tough or not tough, I know He is with me. All the time.
 Time to sleep now!
Good night ☺

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