Saturday, December 19, 2015

#30DaysWritingChallenge Day 6: ways to win my heart

I think it's pretty easy.. to mention!

1. You gotta be super funny.
Seriously, it's like a super spice that brings your dish to the next level. Yang nggak ganteng aja jadi berasa ganteng. I had a rough life already, don't drag me into your drama and grumpiness and gloominess. A whiny weak guy is not appealing at all!

And just face it, some people are just born unfunny. Don't force it too much, OK. You might be unfunny for me but can be funny to other people. Sense of humor is preference matters, I tell you.

2. You are a family guy.
You respect and look up to your parents. You get along with your siblings. If you love kids will be a plus point la.. And cook well is a plus plus! And obviously you can't be a spoiled old boy that needs everything to be taken care of. Or die.

3. You're not shallow minded person.
Yea man. Including not trying to change me into someone I'm not. For example your mom or your ex. Including so many things la.

4. You are kind in general.
Being kind to me and being rude to waiter or maid or whoever is not nice.

5. You're not afraid showing people the real you.
Your faith; what you believe in, your life principal, your vision. Show your flaws (cos you're human and not Edward Cullen) and be as human as you are. No need being a saint la.

I'm not looking for a master, who can give me food and money to survive and shelter to live. I have a job and good at it, thank you. I'm looking for a sparring partner who can see me as a partner and not maid/babysitter.

And chemistry is everything, right.
You don't have to be crazy romantic. You don't need to act cutesy cutesy in front of other people. Or even post cheesy things online. No need, man. Let's just be in sync for the rest of our lives and not be bored with each other forever.

Too much to ask? What?  It's once in a lifetime matters, bruh.
I know, right.

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