Tuesday, December 15, 2015

#30DaysWritingChallenge Day 4: Someone who inspires me

This is the topic that I've always wanted to write, even before I got this challenge. This person has inspired me a lot and I thank God everytime I remember that. I am simply blessed to know him.

Yes, he is a he. :)

He is a guy with a rough past who has gone through a lot but chose not to be bitter about it. I found it rare and pretty amazing, not to mention that I've been in a religious community for a long time, still, I cannot surpass him in positiveness. Which is an embarrassment la.

He is a guy who likes to help, like naturally he is kind like that. If you ask him to do you a favor, he'll do it, even it means he will sacrifice his lunch time, petrol, or even money. Sometimes people betrayed him and made him loss so much, time, energy, trust, happiness, money.. When they come again, he'll do it again. Sounds like 70x7? Yes :)

I was a result oriented person. Doesn't matter how you do it, result is everything. He taught me to be flexible and enjoy the ride. Always enjoy the journey. Take the chance. Embrace every opportunities. I still am a result oriented person, but enjoying the ride makes my life worth while.

He taught me that stress is unavoidable sometimes, so we need to be smart processing it. Run is never an option. Face it and whack it on the face! I am still stressed and anxious about everything but I will never run again. Well never say never but I'll try not to. Fingers crossed.

I thank God everytime I remember him. He's like a trash bin to my trashy mouth lol and what's fun is he doesn't judge. So he either laugh it off or swear it off with me. It's fun... It's fun.

But amongst all the things that I mentioned and didn't, I will always remember that having a bad start in life doesn't give the excuse to be an asshole later. We can always choose to be kind. Choose kindness!

My best friend is so cool and inspiring like that!
And he never let me starve, which I like lol xD

Thank God!

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