Tuesday, December 15, 2015

#30DaysWritingChallenge Day 3: Top 3 Pet Peeves

Belom apa-apa udah bolos aje. Cih. Ya udah lah ya, yang penting kelar 30 hari ya!

This is gonna be a hard one cos I am easily pissed, but I'll try my best, OK!

My top 3 pet peeves:

1. The over used exclamation mark in one time.
I am so happy today!!!! I had bakso for lunch!!!!!!!!!

Yea I know you had bakso and you're happy. Geez, chillax!
Actually I can't take it too when people use the punctuation in wrong way. Like you're supposed to put a space after a period (.). Many people ignored it and I hate it. (Unless you have 140 character restriction la, that way I can understand lol)

2. People who can't decide where to go while driving.
They stay slow in the right lane, they drive in the center of both left and right lane, they turn their vehicle in a sudden. I hate them all! Not to mention all of those traffic offender do stupidiot things that could danger other people. Die! If you can't drive, don't drive.

And also parking. Seriously dude I am a female and I can drive and park better than you! If you can't park, leave your car at home and get a cab, seriously. Taking two parking spaces is not OK and knocking your car to other's is not acceptable. Die.

It's almost impossible not to have road rage in Jakarta, I tell you. If you don't have it, then you must be the culprt that is causing the road rage la! #logic

3. Yucky toilet.
Jijaaaaayyyyyy! I'd rather hold my pee than peeing in a dirty toilet. Nope. Nope. No way.


I still have so many things actually but but but!
Okay I'm done for today, time to sleep now!

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