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boring stuffs: 2014 kaleidoscope :)

2014 flew too fast, but when I think about it and see myself.. I gotta say that I am richer this year. Not only money, but also experience. Mostly experience.

Back in my early blogging years, I always made a kaleidoscope for the passing year. But it was during my uni days, where holiday means holiday so I always had the luxury of time, etc. Things are different now, especially when work is no longer just to earn some money that I could spend-spree, but now work is... work, and money is a real deal (No work = no money = no eat, no petrol = Can't work = no work = no money, etc etc. Die.).

Anyway this is the first year that I got to work during Christmas-New Year holiday (since I decided to be a freelancer). There's always a first time for every thing, no? :)

So 2014 was.... crazy.

It was filled with so much ups and downs; work, friendship, commitment, feelings *cough*, and even my weight. Health.. and money, too. *blank stare to bank account book*

I used to make a note for each month, but this time, I'll just point to the most exciting things happened in 2014. (Doesn't really matter if nobody read this, I'll be thanking myself later, I believe, when I read this in the future.)

This time we were celebrating Chinese New Year at the hospital cos Dad was being hospitalised *again* because his potassium dropped again. But then, my elder brother, who is now residing in Surabaya, decided to come to Jakarta. In fact, he planned not going back cos plane tix was super expensive. There is always good thing even in the worst circumstances ever! Well, at least we can hang out at the hospital together :) Through the year, Dad has been hospitalised several times but he's doing good since last semester of the year. Thank God for that! All family is in good health, thanks to lemon infused water as well!

I remember, weather was horrible back then. It was always raining, and when it's raining too much, there comes the flood. So I live in an area that never gets flooded - I was so proud, I brag lah. But this year was the first time we actually can't see the sewer! But it only happened for probably 1 hour, and then the water went down again. This, my friend, is never happened again until today. I shall brag again then!

Teaching Journey :)
Initially this year I had 5 students *yay* 4 girls and 1 boy. But then due to school schedule etc, one decided to stop the tutor and then another one, too. But then I got another boy, but then he stopped too. I currently have 3 students now, and I love every second tutoring them. Being with them for a while makes me know them even more, and actually keen to push their talent and imagination to the limit! I'm sooo excited to meet them again soon! But it's no longer like a teacher-students relationship. We are like buddies, now ;)

Dearest Nephew
My BFF has lost her baby once, and after a year passed, she got pregnant again yay! So this is the second time she gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Not just healthy, but very smart! Too smart, I supposed, everytime I hold him he would just drown his face to my boobs. Geez! But still, I am the proudest aunty ever!

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So I change my habits of eating and living. Cut the sugar, cut the indomie, cut the deepfried food, cut the MSG snacks (alias snack micin). To be honest with you, I feel healthier now! At least I don't get sick too easily; and when I do, doesn't take a long time to recover. But I do miss deepfried food sometimes, tho.

General Election!
This is the very first time I elect with a sense of proud and faith in my own country! I despise the whole drama from other party, but it feel so good to be faithful to Indonesia this time. We will be changed, I believe, to a better state! *pray*

Ps. Respect to Kak Jokowi - Pak JK and of course, my governor Mr. Ahok!

My brother is engaged!
Finally! So happy! After all these years :) Wedding soon in April 2015! YAY!

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I sang more this year, not only becos of the church service, but we had a vocal coach and I thank God for that! We even sing more for weddings. I sang at friend(s) weddings. It felt awesome.. and I'd be glad to do it again in the future! And then I went Karaoke too much this year, just for the fun of it. Now I know, I love sing better than playing music. But I learned how to play guitar too.. and will have a ukulele perhaps on 2015. YAY~

Lost and found
I went on Hiatus. It's like I don't feel like doing it, but the fact that people and situation get ugly overtime, and I was already worn out all these years.. so I took some times to be with myself and God Himself. I actually like the whole journey, like, when you see a picture, you stepped back to see it clearly, or if the frame is not straightly alined. It gets me a clearer mind and heart now. I even know what I want to do next. It's not going to be spectacularly big, but it will be useful and hopefully meaningful. Thank God for the experience! Now I'm back, ready to serve again.

Trips trips and trips!
It's a very exciting year. I got 3 major trips this year, one is for my birthday trip, other one actually for work initially but I extend hehe, and the last one was planned, but then I ignore it becos too many things came up, and then when I felt like it, BAM, booked tix, booked hotel, and just go. Will definitely do some more again in the coming year!

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I'm OK lah. Still the same sanguine choleric girl (Can you imagine a bossy clown? pfft. Yeah man, try being me.) but I tend to know myself a lot more now. What I like, what I want, what I can tolerate and what I can not. The view of myself is getting even more vivid by the end of 2014. I hope it's crystal clear by 2015. At least I know that what doesn't kill me makes me stronger... and to avoid it coming back, I gotta kill it, like smash it, hit it, kill it. Bloody kill it.

And.. you know. Being alive this long, dealing with people (mostly shitty ones - the ones that treat other people shitty, or the ones that act shitty.. or both), we can sense bullshits from miles away, huh? Being in this state is a milestone. No BS, man. Old people can sense it.

Oh. This is the first time I grew my hair this long! Nice or not? (he said: you look more... sophisticated. Huh? Define sophisticated, bruh.

I learned a lot about friendship this year. I learned that a long lasting friendship is not just about rely to fate of which people drawn to you in your life. It's about commitment and respect, too. Sometimes sacrificial, and lots of love. I know chemistry is one big thing in terms of human relationship, but if you don't do anything, chemistry is just a chemistry!

The ones that always talks nice in front of you might not be the best friend you could have, cos we will never know what one would say when they are not in front of you. Happened to me, anyway. I got to know that some people were bitching about me (and my success) but they can't say it to my face. Talk talk behind, you think we're still in highschool? *pfft*

So I decided not to be too close to that kind of person, and respect myself more by spending some times to people who can actually say shit to my face but they said it for my good. I respect that kind of people more than some religious people who talks super nice and polite but then talk behind other people. I mean, what happened with your faith and religion? Definitely something is wrong ya.... not your faith and religion, of course. It's you lah!

And I decided to ignore any negativity around me, and be with positive friends who can bring positivity to my life as well.

Yes, nobody is perfect, I am not perfect too. I don't like kicking people out of my life, but if you're not keen to make this life (that you and I share) a better place to live, please go before i scoot you out.

And I learned that nothing lasts forever in this life (except God and His thingythingy), so I will do my best to live my life to the fullest, to make my closest dearest ones happy and contented. No time to be all selfish anymore yay!

Don't you think I am more mature now? :D
Mature and wordy, I suppose.

Bye-bye 2014 and happy new year 2015!
Don't bother to tell 2015 to be kind to you, ok.
You should be the one who decide what 2015 will be for you!

Blessings and loves for you! xoxo

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