Saturday, April 13, 2013

Familiar Sounds.

Yes, you're not reading it wrong.

Let's talk about songs!

Couple of days ago, I was driving alone listening to the radio to keep me up cos I tend to get sleepy when i listen to only music, like from CD, or mp3. Yes, the sound of people talking keeping me awake. It feels like being in a conversation without the urgency of answering.

No, I don't drive-and-talk on phone. (but sometime I text (bad bad dangerous driver, i know. At traffic jam and queueing only, promise.), and take picture, oh yeah baby!)

So I noticed some songs that is quite famous right now.. thanks to many hours of driving.. and trapped on ridiculous traffic jam.

And I tend to over-analyze things! Not only that, I over-feeling things!

But let me ask you a question. Have you ever listen to a song and it directly bring you to this feel.. the feel to one person, one particular person. It can be the feel towards the people you've been involved with in the past, so you have strong memories about the song with this person, or it can be just randomly reminds you of someone.

I wanna talk about the random feel.

In my case, it's not only songs that brings me those kind of feelings, but almost everything, tee-hee :D

Example: Orange (the color) reminds me of my ex. He didn't even like the color. Funny, huh?

It can work that way.. something reminds me of someone, or the opposite.

Example: A friend of mine, always remind me of grey old sedan with stiff and old looking body. In real life he's not even driving a grey old sedan.

It's like my mind keep associating things with people. Strange, I know, right!

Back to the song, shall we?

I've been listening to massive dose of Maroon 5 lately. I hear it everywhere.. on the radio (like everyday), played at a store, on TV, people covered it and sang it on malls, like, wherever! (And I like the fact that they make songs with different vibe one to another. Tapi kalo didenger-denger ya, lagu-lagu mereka itu catchy banget, up beat tapi liriknya cengeng. Lo nggak akan tau kalo itu lagu patah hati kalo lo gak perhatiin liriknya. Tapi mas Adam kece berat.. so yeah that is... forgiven!)

And their songs remind me of this person.

Not the lyrics. I have zero memories with this person in the past. But... yeah. It's just the 'feel' everytime their songs played that brings this person... here *pointing at chest*

Funny huh?

No, not funny. It's agony. For me.

#kode xD

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