Wednesday, March 27, 2013

false alarm

I'm back! gitu lah.

Apparently life's been keeping me busy in real life, so basically when i had the spare time, i'd better be resting, or chilling.. or... writing offline :)

Nah, not really. I learned about business plan right now... for De'Cakalang Resto. SO MUCH FOR THIS LOUSY BRAIN X(

Things are getting better, i swear. No more cranking up at night, and being cracking down in tears while trying to sleep. I sleep really well these days, and yes, life's been awesome... i know i'm counting the right Person!

So, people says, "friends come and go", so true.
Things are different now, but it's nice to know that i was all wrong.

Being all wrong is good, sometimes.
So you can always be grateful when you made right decision(s).

I'm glad i made the right one :)

As i said before, life's been awesome these days.
Been reconnected with high school friends..
and i can't thank God enough for this. super loves!

And i kinda found my "dream house".
It has wooden fences, kinda. It looks so natural during days, and at nights it looks really warm, a bit dark but just warm. I will keep pass that house until i get that house, if i had the chance, because it's actually occupied. Hehehe :D

Anyway, i just got back from Bali, and Surabaya! (and i was just get back from Bali for holiday last January haha..) It was a favor from a dear friend @msLalaChan who held @siBocahWorkshop at Aston Denpasar right at Nyepi day, so i tag along and.. enjoy my blessing :) Life is a grand!

And we separated at Ngurah Rai when she headed up to Jakarta and i extended my holiday to Surabaya, visiting @asudja ! - Bali was sunny and fun, we managed to eat ayam betutu and nasi babi guling in such limited time!

Oh, a day before Nyepi, business in Bali was practically shut down at 3PM, restaurant and mini marts and other business were closed already - but some still open till night. We went out to see the ogoh-ogoh parades at night, and get back to hotel to prepare for the workshop for the next day.

And the day after Nyepi, almost all business in Bali were still inactive, so we get into a cab from denpasar to kuta just to catch babi guling... after hop to several babi guling places that was, unfortunately, closed, the taxi driver told us he will take us to a local market, if they were closed as well, he will drive us straight back to hotel. Thank God, we got it... and we have to pay a lot for the taxi for travelling in such distance. Those were the most expensive babi guling in my entire life EVERRRRRRR. but it was all worth it :)

It was a crazy denpasar-tour, yah, @MsLalaChan! Thank you for having me :D

Surabaya was hot, and raining crazily as well. So i managed to keep healthy by eating a lot.. like, a lot. Miss my brother a lot so it was nice to visit.. miss him already now :( we raised together till i turned 29.. so.. yeah.

Now i'm back to real life, where the sky is not always blue..
But i know i'll be just fine. Nothing can get in my way, simply becos i know i am loved by the Ultimate Love <3 p="">
biggest smile, loudest laugh, naughtiest smirk.
you, mr, are total sunshine!

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