Sunday, December 30, 2012

Magical Christmas

I always believe that Christmas has its own magic, amazing little miracles... But unlucky me, i've never been into one. Until this year.

It has been a tough year for me, i break down too often. I lost myself and haven't been founded yet, haha. I'm struggling with my mind and feeling, dream and hope, fact and reality.

On this near year end event, i didn't even dare to ask God what i want. I just want to enjoy Christmas like i used to do.. I just want to be okay.... I'm too afraid to ask and not getting any.

But God is so good He let me know that Christmas magic does exist.. It doesn't last long but it meant so much.. He let me get what my heart desired for this Christmas.. And it was lovely.. Magical and amazing.

There's nothing like being loved by someone you love so much just becos God loves me too much..

Whatever that means to You, God, i thank You. So much.. I will never forget all the crazy little miracles You gave me.

But i don't wanna wake up yet, God. Not yet...

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