Friday, December 16, 2011

Count my blessings :)

*taken just before the wedding reception of Andre & Adys at Blue Point, Bali. December 11th, 2011.

Just got back from working a wedding event photoshoot in Bali
- and it was a w e s o m e !

The wedding was held at Blue Point Chapel at afternoon, so the sky's still blue with a touch of a soft ray from the sun.. Well it was raining in the morning to noon but i gotta say, God bless the couple so that during the ceremony to the reception, they got the perfect weather to get married ;)

Food was so-so, but the chocolate mousse was reeeeally good! I can't recall the others, maklum yah bok, udah seharian kerja keras.. ingatan jadi kurang bagus kan.. #eaaa

The wedding was great, all things were perfect, not to mention the ambience from the decoration.. and I was sipping my cocktail - enjoying the sunset, sitting at the venue, a l o n e. Ironic, I know, right? But what the heck, I managed to get many good photos from the ceremony, and texting mom to pray for me harder to get a great guy who is willing to get married with me in such a place and she said 'ok will do honey!' - LOL :D

.. and the joy is not over.. becos i got the chance to actually befriend with some of the crew from the wedding organizer and wedding band. We had a little chitchat before the wedding and managed to chat even more at the reception. They were such a fun team to work with and I'm glad I had the chance to know them.. it was a blessing :)

We exchanged our business card and phone number before we got back to our place - and still keep in touch... soon afterward, it's official, we had our private local tour guide :) They brought us to the other side of Bali.. not tourist point of view, but locals. We ate so many delicious food with sooooo cheapy prices. I'M BLESSED! 

Yang berkesan tuh yaa, salah satunya Hutan Mangrove.. Cantik sekali tempat ituuuuhh, terutama di sore hari... tapi katanya lebih cakep lagi kalo pagi-pagi.. baiklah. Btw, tiket masuk turis lokal 5rebu perak, turis mancanegara 50rebu.. edan.

Kalo pantai2an, sih, kayanya bosen ya? Apalagi kalo nyebut daerah Legian, Kuta.. Double6. Doh, seriously!? Tapi kita main sih ke beberapa pantai terkenal. Biar eksis ajah, gitu.

And as I count my blessings, my brother and I - we shared 1 room in Tune Hotel, Legian and booked 48 hours of AC (they use credits of things that we use only, so it makes sense why it's really cheap.) and we got 72 hours and the timer will go down everytime we use the AC.. but ours was NOT go down at all. Whaddupppp!

Kalo ditanya, gimana itu Tune Hotel, menurut gue sih murah meriah muntah. Tanpa TV, tanpa teh/kopi, tanpa handuk, tanpa shampoo dll gitu deh.. kalo emang itu hotel cuma buat tempat tidur doang mah OK lah.. yang penting tempatnya bersih dan ada air panas.. Malah enak krn ga ada TV... pas capek yah pilihannya cuma tidur.. heheheh Oh, parkirnya bok yang ribet! Kalo ke Bali nya nyewa motor sih aman deh, tapi kalo sewa mobil yang berabe parkirnya.. gangnya kayak gang2 di Binus :D

So, if you wanna get married in Bali.. please do contact Bali Shuka Wedding - and if you need a wedding band, moonlight serenade (contact me and i'll give you my friend's number) could be the one! I know I will contact them if i have the chance (and money) to get married in Bali :)

Makasih yaa Inge dan Koko yang udah nemenin kita selama di Bali.. Kalo ke Jakarta bilang2 ya! We will visit Bali again soon! :) GBU

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