Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Ack! What to do before 2012?

Not a major one, just a simple thing :)
Here's my list!

1. Tidy up my room. Eh it's kinda major btw :p
2. Tidy up my computer. Both machine. Gosh.
3. Bake a big and sophisticated cake. Oh yeeaaah!
4. Make over someone, ada yang berminat didandaninnnn?
5. Write at least one episode for Kresna and Lulu. I've been abandoning them, I know but things just get crazy and crazier these days! I'll make it up, promise!
6. Call a long lost friend and try to catch up his/her life.
7. Draw something on purpose, doodling while listen to boring conversation doesn't count. oops.
8. Oh. Tidy up my closet and pick then classify my clothes. Gotta throw some for giveaways.
9. Use my sport shoes at least once! Reminder: they're still in the box since the day you bought them :S
10. Be awesome. Like always. Hehe :D

Of course, kawin is not on the list (this year).
Let's see next year's list, ok? :)

Btw, 2012 kaga jadi kiamat kan? belom kewong nih! ;p

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  1. at least kalo jadi kiamat setelah the dark knight rises rilis dan ditonton lah ya. *amat sangat dangkal*

    ngakak baca no 9. dodol :)


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