Friday, December 4, 2009

2009 best list!

Time flies, the poets said.

Seemed like I was just enjoying my new year 2009 and felt like been in a long pause then woke up catch my self here, standing at nearly the end of this very year!

I guess it's time to my 2009 best-list :)

TV Channel
FOXCRIME, of course!
CSI, CSI Miami, CSI NY, NCIS, Dexter, Burn Notice, Bones, The Practice, Rush, etc. If my TV's on, I might watch it. :)
Oh well I don't know why but I have a thing with crime-y movies.

I once asked my dad if I am allowed to be a detective. He laughs. No answer. Man!
I asked mom the very same question. She told me to turn the volume louder. (We are actually crazy for police-crime movie.. I asked her while watching Foxcrime that time) Man!!!

No, I don't wanna ask my brothers, they won't give a damn.
Oh, actually my elder brother was kinda into that Foxcrime as well. Muahahahaha! So he might give me a positive answer...

Second thought..... nah, forget it.

Uhh, I don't know but it's been a while for me using "Fireflies" from Owl City as my ringtones :) As I told you before in my old post... magical tunes with dreamy lyrics.... Brilliant, Adam Young, that was reeeally brilliant!

This year I've been so random.. but the best might be Katy Perry. (And her cherry chapsticks!)

Twilight Saga! Couldn't resist those kind of Edward (NOT robert pattinson!!!) and the way Stephanie Meyer's describing things... I adore you!!

UP! :) nonton sama si alwin hehehe

Girl Crush
Kristen Stewart, of course!
My kind of girl, banget! Muka judes, mata tajem. Totally sexy.

Guy Crush
gotta be........ Gerard Butler!
Sorry, Bale, you're still the best but this year is Butler's year..

Fall in love, again, with Jesus Christ. For a bonus, a hug from this decent guy. HA HA HA HA!

Si Mama is officially opened. It is small, warm, mouth-watering! Still working on things, do the best, let God do the rest :)

Can't remember. I laughed more than I could ever recall.. kelebihan sukacita, they said :)

Ball Joint mobil patah! -nuff said-

apalagi yaa? hmm..

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