Thursday, November 26, 2009


This is awkward yet irritating, trust me.

Me and couple of friends chit chatting.
Me and couple of friends: *chat chat laugh chat etc*
he/she/it: *approaches*
he/she/it: *listening*
Me and couple of friends: *laugh*
he/she/it: *laugh*
he/she/it: who?


Or.. this:

Me, in front of the computer.
Me: *seeing another friend's photo album on facebook*
he/she/it: who is it? *look at my computer*
Me: oh, a girl from junior high school.
he/she/it: who, sih?
Me: you don't know her, duh.

(Is it hard to realize that we don't share our life? And got yourself noted, I have more friends than you ever realize. And oh, we even never get into the same school!)

Or maybe this:

Me talking to Mom.
Me: last night i met A (a friend's name)
Mom: oh, it's been a long time!
Me: yes! and then we blahblahblah
he/she/it: A who? B's sister?
Me: ..... No. A friend you don't know!

(I know... annoying, isn't it?)

This could be mooore irritating.

Me chatting with Mom about something.
Me: Poor him, he is blahblahblah
Mom: aahh, can do nothing but pray for him..
Me: yes.. and what's more sad, he has little kids..
Mom: oh well, blahblahblah
Me: right.. i hope blahblah because he is blahblah
he/she/it: yeah, poor him.. he has little kids.. (this actually only copying my line)
Me: ......

(Copying my line, this person didn't even get involved into the conversation! Interfering some other's conversation is.... rude!)

This is not about interfering, but this might tacky as well:

Me, talking to this person.
Me: I just simply ignore that kind of person, or else i will be victim too!
he/she/it: yes, i agree.
Me: And i was like.. uhh..
he/she/it: yes, this person hurt you too much, eh?
Me: No, this person haven't really... do anything to me..
he/she/it: oh.
Me: *victory smile*

(gotcha, you-think-you-know-all-but-you-don't-and-always-trying-to-talk-like-you-understand-but-you-don't-and-sometimes-you-say-something-to-make-yourself-look-smart-but-you-just-don't!)


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