Saturday, November 21, 2009

new moon

Can hardly wait to meet up with bells, eddie and jake.
*grammar fixed by grammar police emilio*

It's not about Robert Pattinson (in some angles he's fine, in other angles someone might wanna drag him to go shower!) at all, or Taylor Lautner (eventho he got a very nice abs, indeed) - it's all about my girl crush, Kristen Stewart!

I love you, kstew!

mirip ga sih? coy?


  1. jago ya... hehehe... mirip nih. tapi harusnya kekuatan garisnya sama semua neng, pasti makin ok. saya kasih nilai 8 :)

  2. met> justru mau nonjolin mukanya met :D susaaaahh gambar idung ya? :S hik... asik dikasi nilai 8 sama pak tino sedeng!!


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