Wednesday, December 9, 2009

they called it.. L-kind-of-thing.

People thinks I am the girl-yanguratmalunyaudahputus.
They think I am a flirt-er, a hell-expert one.
Some of them think I am crazy.

Maybe I am.
But the hell with what people said.

People tells you are the "IT" guy they've been looking for.
They say girls are crazy about you. (and I kinda notice that they are, lol)
Some of them are officially your fans (and or groupie).

Maybe, most likely, they are.

Here's the thing..

It crawls from the tummy
crushed in my chest
like, really-really explode!

And soon after it goes doooown to my knees.
Thinkin' about possibilities... are shaking me!

I close my eyes everytime it happens.
But you are there.

Ssh, stop sneaking behind me!
Come and have a sit, so you could mend this..... awkwardness-y.

Soon they will start to think I am your fan, too.
Heck, I am not!
Not in a.. groupie-thing kind of way.

Oh, it happened again!
My chest could feel the heat-i-don't-even-know-what-it-is.

I think I could... just.... fainted (in classy way, of course) when I see you with my own eyes.
But, miraculously I just didn't.

I tried to be steady when I saw you from afar.
I walked toward you with the beat of the drums inside.
My heart skip a beat when you smile. Yes, that smile that kills *gasp*

.. and then it was gone.

What on earth was that?, I asked myself without wanting to be answered.

The nervousness and anxiety are gone.
The tummy stops tickling, or whatever it called.
My heart seemed not wanting to jump out.
and my lips were making a huge curve..


yes like that. juuuust like that.

I think i am... lunaticly insane, in idiotic nice and silly ways but mad mad mad about you.

Hope that won't scare the hell out of you.
and note for you, okay, I am no fan for you.

I might be something else...
might be something more....

So.. are you in?

I really hope you're in :)

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