Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Definitely not in hiatus mode, don't you worry!

But this kind of life, i mean, this double job thingy, kinda makes me cranky, you know. 9-5.30 i gotta work my ass in the office, and then, sometimes church thingy, and of course, being mom's personal assistant + driver. How cool is that?

Well that's FRIGGIN COOL IMHO! hehehehe

But i messed up, most of the times.. tried to catch bed at least right at midnight but i end up fall asleep prolly at... 1am, or 1.30. If you could imagine how it feels in the morning, haha, well yah that's me.. my life.. and this is a neverending long shifts.

Like, neverending, and long shifts. Yes, real one. Be very afraid!

Eh, gue kerja ampir setaon looooh! I'm kinda amazed on how time ticks too fast! It flies!

By the way...

Now I do think that Microblogging (such as plurk and twitter) is kinda killing my (real) blogging mood! Kadang berasanya, ah ga ada yang bisa diceritain - gara2 dikit-dikit update plurkie dan twittiot!

Will update nicerandsillier, as soon as possible!

lots of loves!
Selamat berpuasa buat yang merayakan!


  1. gue percaya itu semua baik buat u, kalo ga Dia ga akan ngijinin. smangat neng, udah mau ultah (di kantor nih)? aseeeek nasi kuning gratis lagi :)


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