Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I SERIOUSLY HATE IT when people using,


in daily chats or talks, when they tried to joke around!

Well it's ay-okay if you meant to be sarcastic with the word, cos if I happened to say or type it, that means HAHA-YES-I'M-BEING-SARCASTIC, along with my sarcastic tone.

People should learn how to play with words and tones, as in you-know-what-you-gonna-say-in-particular-terms-so-you-won't-sound-unclear-about-things. When you're sarcastic, do well with it, and if you're just joking around, "yayaya" won't fit, im(ns)ho*.

Ambiguous materials are shitty, man!

*im(ns)ho: in my not so humble opinion. sorry for being such a bitch.


  1. Iya tu oen.. Pukul aja oen.. Pukul.. Jendul kepalany 3x.. Dia tu orgny emang gitu..


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