Thursday, April 23, 2009

from the street.

{about this morning}

to mba-mba who crossed the street right after pengkolan
what's on earth you do with your brain?
use it, bi**h!

to whoever that parked a motocycle too close to the street, 
i really eager to hit it to be honest, 
but nah, i have no time messing up with ya.

to all crazy motocyclers-that-think-they're-untouchable,
 just die.

Font sizeto whoever that stands really near to puddles 
and get splashed by my car,
 please don't hate me, move your lazy ass!

to all of you who thinks that my car is too dirty now, 
yes I've thought about that too. I will get her to carwash soon!

to a bunch of mas-mas who kongkow-ed EXACTLY at the pengkolan
sorry to SPAM the HORN like crazy, 
and the fact that IT FEELS DAMN GOOD.

peace, yo!


  1. Wiuih.. What a wonderful morning.. And it all hepen just in ... minute (fill d'blank).. Pantesan hari ini.. Hehehe

  2. approx. 20-25mins deh, asik ya? hhahahaa. pantesan kemaren e-o banget? wasn't my day afterall but today feels so much better :-D


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