Saturday, April 18, 2009

moon talks.

Not actually today. Should be yesterday, anyways.

I hate the period cramps. Always've been when it comes 'cos the pain is shitty and somehow it swings the mood! - not to mention the headache along with all pain in my body. Felt just like been in car-wreck or something. Blah!

Was talkin to a friend, not really a friend, he's a guy once like, almost lover, haha, and how this periods can steam up the heat of the lousy thing called nostalgic.

I know it's cheezy but the whole conversation was fun-fun, ow yeah. It's been a while since last time we talked to each other. Felt like i probably miss him but in the end i don't think so, but keep thinkin that i-miss-him-but-do-i?

And the nostalgic kills, btw. I can still remember how he giggled, or how he teased, or how he looked like when he's upset, or when he smirk and suggesting silly stuffs. (but nice. yeah)

Kinda remember too how happy i was just seeing him online. Or when he called me. Or, or, or... nevermind. See how the nostalgic ruins everything? - Includes the words i'd like to type just now. Ruined. Heck.

He's still the same person i know. Awesome like salmon sashimi, little black dress, killer heels, macbook pro, and a loving arms....

Cheers, mate. You know who's the one brings up all moods of nostalgic. Yeah, blame the periods!

and have a niceandsilly weekend ;-)

updated. (Apr 24 2009)
I have bad habit to actually saved some funny and memorable chats, either it's print screened or copy and then pasted. Just read a chat with the almost-lover long time ago, saved on my gmail draft tab, I ROFL-ed too much. OMG! hahahaa

Not too effective, but kinda boost up good mood. Now I'm pretty sure, I do miss him! :-)

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