Monday, February 27, 2017

Same Stuff, Different Year?

I hope not!

So I actually have created another blog (I know......) for me to randomly write specifically in Bahasa Indonesia but guess what? It's almost March 2017 and I haven't got anything written on it yet.

I can give you all the excuses in the world, but let's not making me do so, ok?

The thing is.... my time management sucks. (There, I said it. I wanted to blame the time for ticking too fast, or the gloomy weather, or all the time consuming projects, or even the stupid internet connections, or whatnot, or whatnot - but I didn't. Well I kinda did lollll, but it's OK la?)

Let's not talk about it or else I will feel intimidated and feel depressed soon. It's too early to be in such despair, for 2017 still have 10 months to go. Right? You damn righty.

You might not care about what I write now but you know what, it's OK. I'll get back to this blogpost one day and glad I did this.

I was sick. But I do remember I went outside with mom during the firework parade and had some chit chats with my neighbours blahblah and gulped another dose of cough syrup and sincerely hoped it would be gone the next day (but it was not).

Mom went to Surabaya for my cousin (from dad's side)'s engagement day - and visited my brother and sis-in-law so I was given quite a huge task of taking care of both of my dad and my little brother. Health wise, I was getting better until my elder brother told me that mom was ill and can't get to the plane to go home. We were crazy worried and before I knew, my cough came back harder, trying to kill me. 3 days after, she flew back home, healthy. Thank God!

Ah, a cousin (from mom's side) of mine came to try her luck finding job in Jakarta. She stayed with us several times for one day or two for job interviews and to cut the story short, after many trips and efforts that she made, in the end she didn't get the job. Sigh.

The waiting game and struggle is real for the job hunters ya. I almost forgot how it feels to be honest. Conclusion: I AM OLD, WHY THANK YOU.

Bff's second child was having her 1st birthday party and I helped them being the photographer. Lousy but still helpful, I perhaps.

One of the highlight of this month: LA LA LAND. Ryan Gosling I can not. I still listen to the song up until today. It is crazy. Some people said it's OK-la, but I guess it's just my cup of tea. Today's note: the Oscar's fail to La La Land is ridiculously stupid.

And CNY. I swear it was the craziest CNY I've ever had in my life. From all the cookings and feasts and visits. I like the red envelopes and also the feasts but boy it was tiring as hell.

My January just went like that. It was overall a slow month, but very fast at the same time. I hope that makes sense for you lol. Now move on to my fave month of the year!

I am not a birthday-craze kind of person. It's just another number added to our age to me. It is never a big deal for me, even if you forgot mine, it's fine, really. When you know, or remember, please pray for me and that would be more than enough.

But the people surround me are crazy. I've got too much love this year and despite the fact that my birthday is just another day to me, I was happy. Thank you everybody! May God bless you and family too.

Nothing much on Valentine's day. The sweetest thing I received on that very day was "Happy Valentine's day........ Can you do this this this (work related)...." lol. Thank you.

My younger baby brother's birthday was a different thing tho. We got him a sushi birthday "cake" with candles to blow. We also gave him a Cajon as he always wanted it for so long. Happy brother happy family happy me! He received so much love as well... I sincerely thank you.

Another work work.
Probably another opportunity to serve again.
Still longing to have a new 'home'... Looking forward for the doors God will open for me the next 10 months ahead.

Now I gotta work again. Tired but oh well.
Have a good night errrrbody! God bless.
not gonna proofread and fine tune the writing cos life is short, my friend. Plus... ain't nobody got time fo that!

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