Wednesday, December 21, 2016

#30DAYSWRITINGCHALLENGE DAY 30: Highs and Lows of the month


Will finish it right, with actual writings and not just some ketikketikformalitas.

You know how time flies even faster this year, right?
It feels just like a blink of an eye and then.... December already, isn't it?

When I realised this year is gonna end soon, it got me a bit panicked, really. It feels like I haven't done anything meaningful this year to anyone.

But that's what I thought. Hopefully not.

This year runs too fast, I can't remember some of the details tho. But I made sure I remember all the fun parts and some deep lessons by writing it down in my book. It won't be perfect but I guess it's OK. Better than nothing, right?

The lows of this month would be........
1. I feel like I haven't do anything meaningful and useful this year :( I just feel I didn't try hard enough. Sigh.
2. My time management is so awful this month due to crazy weather and it's kinda hard to feel well and be all healthy. When I don't feel so well, I tend to procrastinate and.... you know the rest. Work is  piling up, deadlines are coming closer.... and WHAT? Christmas is just 4 days away? GOSHHHH!
3. Hearing some bad news from close friends, acquaintances, or whoever. I just feel like... gosh how fragile this life is. One day you have it, the other day you lose it. I hate goodbyes :(
4. I had instant noodles 2 days in a row. FAT.
5. It is a stressful year for me, really. It started really smooth tho, and things were just falling apart in the middle of the year and going downward spiral. Sigh.

The high of this month would be:
1. I know I hit the rock bottom and I've been trying to climb back with my Best Buddy, The Owner of my life, yes you know who He is.... JESUS!
2. I've been praying about this one thing and He had answered me. I don't have to be wondering around anymore.... time to move on.
3. I have done a service again.... in the place I have never imagined before. Thank You Lord!
4. To actually have my "motor" working again. It makes me feel alive. God makes me feel so alive again.
5. My Banoffee Pie was such a huge hit. Hope they all liked it :)

This month could be better but I couldn't ask for more. I am grateful (trying to always be grateful, I mean) for this month! I still have 10 more days until December (and also 2016) ends... I'll make it worth while.


OK, challenge is done.
I don't think I'm gonna do challenges again any time soon!

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