Wednesday, December 21, 2016

#30DaysWritingChallenge Day 19: My first love

They said, first love will never die.
I guess they're right.

The feelings has never left me. Not even once.

The day I was able to hold a pencil or pen or marker or whatever it was.. and the first stroke I did on our old house wall.

It was magical. I guess. How can I remember?
But I kept hearing this story about me and my scribbling on the wall when I was a kid.
My parents tried to say it as if they were unhappy with it, but the more I listen to the story, the more that I know how they were proud of me.

Ok maybe I am too confident lol.

I gotta say I was lucky, tho. My parents let me did that (while other parents yelled at their kids when they do so), my dad actually joined me by drawing things he can draw.. such as realistic elephant... giraffe and any other animals.

When I was big enough, they bought me drawing book and art supplies so they can have the walls repainted lol.

You have no idea how I love paper! My love to paper is too big. I love books, journals, all kind of papers, notebook, post-its. OMG.

I also love pencils, pen, markers, whatever.
Once I had a thing for mechanical pencil lead refills, I just gotta have more.
LOL I was obsessed with it.

and also erasers. Gosh, erasers!

As I grew up, I started to think... no need to have so many papers, or pencil, or pen, or erasers, or whatnot. So I've been telling myself not to purchase anything when I go to bookstore/office and art supplies store eventho I want so much. Sometimes I didn't go at all, cos if I do I will be tempted, right?

But then I thought..... Why not, why not.
So I started to buy again. Becos I can.
One part of me said, "Wah spend so much money ya."
the other part said, "It's OK. Once in a while, it's OK."
But then the 'once in a while' become too often lollll

That's why.... It is hard to tell the differences between "love" and "obsession".

So... which one is it?

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