Monday, November 28, 2016

#30DaysWritingChallenge Day 18: 30 Facts about myself

Oh gosh, 30 facts about myself?
Ok let's start.

1. I am a female.
2. I am the second kid in the family, has 2 brothers.
3. My skin type is normal, some areas can be dry, T-zone can be oily sometimes.
4. Shoe size is 38.
5. Fave colour is navy blue and cherry red.
6. I don't like exercising.
7. I like number 7.
8. I could eat chicken rice, fried chicken and pempek everyday.
9. Fave coffee is simple black coffee with condense milk. Lots of ice.
10. I can't eat too much spicy food. Tongue is not made for those crazy heat and tummy is worse.
11. I don't like fruity and girly scent. Soft baby powder like and masculine, it is.
12. I get hungry easily.
13. I am not a morning person, thus I function better during night time.
14. I am not photogenic. Those good lookin pics are all lucky shots, which is never so many. But I don't look better in real life either lol.
15. I don't like being photographed.
16. I don't like waiting, especially for slow people.
17. I'd prefer noodle or bread over rice.
18. I don't have sweet tooth. I am more to a savoury person.
19. I don't like flowers in general. I liked white roses but not anymore. But I admire baby's breath tho.
20. I like drinking water.
21. I am a lazy person, that's why I like doing things in the easiest and fastest way. Effective and productive, yes!
22. I am mie goreng kind of person instead of mie kuah.
23. I don't use specs. My eyes are doing good (and still doing good until now, thank God).
24. I have so many things to say about everything but most of the time I didn't.
25. I hate paying bills.
26. I like driving alone. It's therapeutic - even in traffic jam. UNLESS I WANT TO PEE.
27. My fave makeup thing is my undereye concealer.
28. I like my big eyes - but I love slanted eyes, and thin lips. #hint #lol
29. I brush my tooth with kids' toothbrush cos apparently my mouth is so small, the adult toothbrush can't reach until the very corner. sigh.
30. I am so happy I reach number 30 already yay!


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