Friday, December 11, 2015

#30DaysWritingChallenge Day 1: 10 Things that make me happy

Can you believe I've been staring the blank text field for a good 20 minutes? LOL I know, dude, WEAK!

I am actually a person who can be amused pretty easily, it doesn't have to be fancy things, really. So things that I mentioned here can be random and trivial as well. Please bear with me.. or not. I don't care. Shuh!

1. Warm shower when it's cold & cold shower when it's scorching hot.
Unfortunately, what usually happened here in my country is the water's temperature depends on the weather outside. So when it's hot, the water is hot as well! Water heater is convenient, but that doesn't feel special, right?

2. Chicken rice.
I have a thing for Chicken rice. Seriously. This is my what-will-you-eat-if-tomorrow-is-doomsday food. But then I want chicken wings now.. and Mangoes. Sigh.

3. Coincidinc.
Some blessings happened in form of 'coincidence'. But nothing is really coincidence, la. Everything is blessing! Like good parking spot (this happens all the time, thank God!) and like my current fave song is played on the radio! Lovesssss <3 div="">

4. My loved ones happy and healthy.
Funny how their happiness now is more important than mine. Geez, I think I am old. Well, I feel old!

5. Cooking.
In doubts, cook. or draw. But mostly cook.

6. Iced coffee with condensed milk.
Simple and the opposite of fancy. Good stuffs, man.

7. Grocery shopping.
I don't care about window shopping like other females do. Take me to the supermarket and I'll be ecstatic!

8. Being told I've made someone's day.
I do believe if we are sincere, other people can feel it. It penetrates right to their heart. If they tell us that we bring them happiness, that is our reward :) Thank you for being nice!

9. Freshly cut nail.
It feels clean, light and I just love it. 

10. Pheromones.
Seriously. I love it. Not everybody's pheromones, tho.


That was hard. I'll write some more tomorrow.
It's only 30 days, I can do it!

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