Thursday, December 19, 2013

scared to death..

Man, it's been a long night 
Just sitting here, trying not to look back 
Still looking at the road we never drove on 
And wondering if the one I chose was the right one 

Oh, but I'm scared to death 
That there may not be another one like this 
And I confess that I'm only holding on by a thin thin thread

I'm so sad...
{Sad by Maroon5}

Let's just say.. I wasn't lucky.
Thanks for the highlight of 2013.
Our time was fun.
You are fun.

Thinking about all 'this' are still my fave thing to do.

You've been such a helper.
In thin air, I gasped, but you come and bring new breezes.
Calm me down every time I supposed to be panicking.
You make me laugh in my darkest hour.
How can you be so positive when I come with all the negativity?
You and your maturity. Your wisdom.
You are my superman.
{and you know it}

It's not like I can choose.
I will be no longer your wonder woman.
Maybe I was never yours.

Supposed to be ay-okay.
We're cool, yea?

But yeah, I'm so sad :(
and yes, I'm scared to death.....

Good night.
Sleep well. You have a world to save tomorrow :)

and goodbye.

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