Saturday, September 3, 2011


I am a proud Gleek, and I watch the Glee Project as well..... Now tell me how can I not fall in love with this guy named Cameron Mitchell?

He's cute (cuter without glasses, weird I know. Most people look better with quirky specs but he's the opposite, so i guess he's a true true geek!), and dorky.


The most important thing, he can sing. Not just sing, but he sings awesomeness.. and he plays guitar too.
Always got the c h i l l  when i hear he sings, talk, walk, smiles.
It's a major symptom for me when I fell for someone, or something ;)

He doesn't need leather jacket to make him look bolder.
He doesn't need his hair to be dreadlocked just to give a statement in his look.
He doesn't need any other accessories to be noticed.
He doesn't need anything.

Some people work very hard to be cool.
Some people just born with it.

Say hi to my latest addiction, Cameron Mitchell.
berondong boookkkkk!

ps. at the audition, he sounds like Joseph Gordon-Levitt. kyaa~

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