Saturday, April 17, 2010


I don't have sister. I raised as a not-so-girly girl, in a very boyish environment.. and I found it soooo hard to befriend with girls.

No, I don't wanna have sister, like, in real life. I just.. don't. I don't like to picture the image that I gotta share skirts with her, maybe shoes, tees, whatever. (Oh, yesterday I put my shoes in a row, with no particular order, heels, wedges, flats, sneakers, i just.. love it.. to think that they're mine, all mine, and only me. hahaaa - 'it's a women thing' - kalo kata HRfm.)

But I love the Deschanels sisters. Zooey is a total sweetheart, and Emily, her elder sister (from Bones the series), is a classy lady - with deep and husky voice, really sexy.

I just love seeing them together :)


  1. ooh yea.. i love the deschanel girls, too!!
    but i prefer emily to zooey, tho zooey is very very cute but i like emily's more mature appearance.. perhaps bcuz i'm the big sis myself.. lol.
    having a sister is something nice, btw. i'll still have a huge fan when nobody else on earth like me. LOL..

  2. @vq: ah glad to hear there's another fan of deschanel girls! :)

    what i don't like being the only daughter, lack of dress/clothes/shoes/bags/accessories/etc.. tee-hee! i bet you got like, tons of them hehehee!


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