Wednesday, February 10, 2010

what makes facebook less fun these days

1. New layout.
It might cost you nothing, but for us, gamers, it sucks. big time. Details? please ask my co-worker, felix. He kinda pissed off with that. haha.

2. Adjusting things are lame.
It does, doesn't it? Why switching places between the left icons and the right menus? Still miss-clicked till today! Supposed to click on home but what I click is notification button. Blah!

3. People are sending craps to your profile.
Seriously I typed "craps" there, uh-huh! They gotta start picking on reliable applications, thank you very much! And if you care enough, please send me real thing and not just 'virtual gifts', blahs!

4. Facebook is the new boutique.
Couldn't this be any more obvious?

5. Talking about applications...
some of them are fake, like i got notification one day, it said "ABC-name-DEF commented on your photo", and when I clicked, it referred to one application page. Allow it or not? Of course not, doh!

6. Strangers by the day.
Do I know you? No? Should I add you? nothxbai.

7. Weird profile picture.
Wow, you look like Naruto. Wait, you are Naruto! But your name is not Naruto? Man, stop using weird profile pictures -..and adding people without introduction? that's... criminal..-



  1. wuahhahahahahha,,,,!!! love your blog....!! ^^ soo hilarious...!!! hi ci, maap numpang lewat.... heehheh... but really, good stuff you have here...^^

  2. oen > wakaakak... ngakak baca yang naruto, hehee. knapa musti naruto sih? tolol sekali

    qnoi > kok bisa ada qnoi di sini?

  3. @qnoi: oh hai, namamu pasti hana :D *digosipin tuh sama abang amet* hehehee glad you like this blog.. hahaha.. maaf ya banyak 'sampah' huhu

    @met: ga tau tokoh anime yg baru baru gt met.. yg plg hype yaa si naruto ituh.. hakhahakk

  4. stuju oen.. facebook yg skrg plus nya satu: kl ada friend request ga hrs k home dl.. cm yaa itu lah nama2 yg aneh (knapa ga pake real name aja sih pada??) dan prof pic yg ga kalah aneh (mungkin faktor ga pede sama muka sendiri dan menganggap naruto lebih ganteng gt??)

    dan yg paling annoying adalah virtual gifts yg ga da gunanya itu.. cape dehh kaya sampah bertebaran di profile aja.. hahahaha (thanks oen da bole ikutan nyampah hehehehehehe)

  5. @vq: so so pake nama beneran jg ngeselin sih, yg alay yg alay yg alay...... plg ga kalo mo pake foto aneh, pas ngeadd pake intro kekkk.. hhehee bole kok nyampah disini vik... :D


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