Friday, August 14, 2009

typically stereotyped

Ok the title should be pretty puzzling, eh?

but here's the deal, i will make this short, short.
Do you believe in "stereotype"? as in, typically similar?

Stereotype is pretty common these days. Like, go to the mall and you could see the girls are wearing similar thing. Long tops, leggings, flats. If the trend says "boho", they will all go boho! Some magazine says, animal print is going to be super-in, let's see how it goes.. haha.

But I don't wanna talk about that kind of stereotype, cos recently I just got a new theory of typically stereotyped.. by name!

Yes, by name.

Like this, when you heard a name "Stacy", it will refer you to a young blonde who always talk about designers' bags, clothes, shoes, or whatever brand-y. True or false?

In my case, there's a name (exact or similar) - i won't mention here don't worry, who actually act like..... uhhh. (Please define it yourself as you may concern) - i called it "brat".

Let's say the name is "A".

The 1st one, she treats people around her like she is the center of the world. Pssh, all maids who ever been in her house, resigned because she treated them badly.

The 2nd one, she's pregnant before she got married, was a junkie who almost passed away.

The 3rd one, she seems angry with this world. I don't know why but for her, a simple plant (iye, taneman) could make her go mad.. like, serious issues. gosh.

The 4th one, she stole other's boyfriend, while she actually have a boyfriend, dumped him for this new guy. weee.

The 5th one, she was a cekiber* in the past, got pregnant from her current bf and got miscarriaged already, and a gold digger as well.

I don't know what kind of phenomenon is this but it's quite odd. random. absurd. haha.

*cekiber = cewe kita bersama


  1. itu si "A" 1-5 beneran? dan u kenal semua? keren!

  2. seriusan deh... hekhekhekekhk the wonder of this small world :)


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