Saturday, June 13, 2009

recent 13.

I lost my mood to write (again) today.

So, quick updates will do.

1. Been in kuruksethra last week. Hope last night's war was the last one. Gelo siah, I work overtime almost, like, all week. phew.
2. All I wanna do is... be as lazy as I can be.
3. Will have family lunch today, I really want a good steak, and pancake!
4. Will have a date with my siblings, sushi night tonight!
5. Don't know why, almost a month already I've been so tired and by the weekends I woke up before 8, like at 7-ish, pissed off, tried to sleep again, and finally awake at 9-ish. I really wish I could sleep longer!
6. Am sick already all about Manohara. I mean, Oh, come on, haven't you guys realized that she's been over-exposed these days? cut it out, lar!
7. Am sick of the president campaign song which happens to use instant noodle's jingle, being on aired everywhere, everytime.
8. .... so sick 'till I felt like not having that-instant-noodle, really.
9. Finally having my period after getting the PMS since weeks ago. (I mean the physical symptoms). It was like, OMG, Hallelujah!
10. Sometimes I wish a day not only contains 24 hours :(
12. ... and a week not only contains 2 days of 'weekend'. (seriously we get 2 after giving out 5? pissed me off but well, I'm still grateful cos I remember back in old days, my dad only get 1 after giving out 6. yikes!)
13. Whatever happens, God is still good :)

And have a blessed weekends.
Go slacking and procrastinating, will ya!

loves <3<3

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