Monday, June 15, 2009

can't catch it running.

I just realized that it's been a while since the last time I keep an eye on people or something.. it might be one of the reasons why I felt dull these days in writings.. and not to mention that I'm pretty much like too-occupied recently :o sorry.

The Kuruksethra was over *as if* last week, so let's hope I will have more time to pay attention on random trivial things starting tomorrow yippekayayyyy~

And time ticks too fast eventually... can't catch it running :p
But people said, if time seems to tick too fast, it means you're enjoying your life.
Amen for that? :d

oh oh oh.
I dreamed about 'this nice guy' last night.
He wore pale green shirt, smiling at me with his best smile, like always.
Woke up with funny feelings.
It soothes lalalallalaa

And friends were telling me they met 'this nice guy' accidentally.
One of them said, "Jikalau 2 atau 3 orang sepakat dalam namaNya, pasti aman hahaha"
I laugh out loud at makro, like, REALLY LOUD when I read the sms.
Thanks girls, you made my day :-)

and I'm going to leave you with this news,
Our 'second home' I mentioned before..
It's a small resto at Binus.. We named it "Si Mama"
Soft opening by tomorrow (Monday)
Too bad I can't be there, it's work day.. :(
Pray for us yaa.. photos will be added later.

It's monday again, omg.
betebetebeteah betebeteah
tapi harus tetep semangat!

God bless you all!

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