Monday, May 11, 2009


am gloomy.

How does it feel when a very good friend of you told you that you should stop calling him the name you used to call him, some kind of love-nick name, special from you to him. Yes, he never mind before.

The reason he asked you to stop calling him with that name, is becos he got a gf already.

I don't know how you measure our friendship but that hurts so bad, I don't know why but it does.

And it's not like 'sayang', 'cinta', 'baby' or even 'beb', whatever. It's just a simple call, it doesn't contain any flirt call at all. 

We're cool this way. I decided to respect his decision, and will stop calling him in that name anymore. In fact I will call his name in awkward way, as he wished. That's what friends are for, eh?

I really hope he's happier this way... and i wish the best for him, as always.

And by the way, the fact that 'people come and (still) go even after they said they're staying', sucks.

am sad. really-really sad. :'-(


  1. ouchh... *hugshugshugs* cheer up dear..

  2. seperti kometar gue yang biasa... semua masalah sudut pandang yang berbeda aja. kalo yang A kekeuh sama sudut pandangnya, mungkin B bisa coba melihat pake sudut pandang si A juga, cari mana yang lebih baik. mengalah ga selalu kalah wen.

    cep cep... semua pasti ada tujuan baiknya, iya kan Om? *nengok atas*

  3. maria> *hugsback* sankyuu sayangkuh mwah

    met> oke, good point, tapiii yang gue bingung adalaaah, perlu ngga sih merubah 'status persahabatan' dari good friend to common friend *gue ngeliatnya sih ky gt yaa* - like, actually making boundaries between me and him, only becos he got NEW GF? sorry but i don't buy that kind of "friendship". grraw! btw, ada apa diatas? awan? siapa itu om?

  4. huhuhu..

    ga enak yaa..
    gw paling SEBEL..
    tp di laen pihak, harus mengalah DEMI ga kehilanganna..

    gw mw ganti url blog gw.
    nanti eike msg ya!


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