Saturday, April 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Papa!

54 is a huge number :-)

Happy bday, Dad!

At first, we're about to hit malls, but heck too lazy
thinkin about those teenagers-with-too-mature-outfits-holding-BBs.
We're not fans of massive crowds,
especially dad, due to stroke he had couple of years ago.
So we forgot malls, and went other place.
*thanks to maria for the recommendation cupmwakshugsloves*

This is what we had for daddy's bday lunch!
Location: B'steak, Taman Ratu

Fries and chicken for appetizer, with mustard
the mustard tasted too sweet, kinda weird for me

Fettucini with Carbonara sauce
really good hmm

Mom's: Fish (supposed to be with chips) and rice
Odd, for sure, but she's a big fan of rice

Alwin's: Chicken Cordon Blue with fries
and also rice. haha

Koko's: Chicken Teriyaki with rice
it runs in the blood, fo sho.

Dad's: Tenderloin with blackpepper sauce + fries.
really hard to cut, chew and swallow ; dad complained to the waitress anyways haha

Mine: Sirloin with mushroom sauce + potato wedges
the mushroom sauce not too bold, well i like the thick ones. but okay laa

Dessert! Chocolate and Cheese pancake.

Average cost for each food,
Nice place (with wi-fi),
Good food,
and friendly waiter & waitress.

I would say.. I will go back there some other time :-)

random shot.
too lazy to dress up today. tee-hee!


  1. cupsmwakshugslove to you back dear! glad u n ur fam enjoy it..

    havent tried their dessert yet, but looks good! will try next visit!

    anyways wen, gw selalu punya angan2 buat motoin makanan2 gitu, tpi selaluuuu aja udah keburu abis duluan seblon gw inget.. haha..

  2. eskrimnya jg sepertinya enak :)

    ehh, gue jg biasanya keburu maruk lgsg makan, kemaren lg bawa kamera aja, jadi inget langsung foto2 deh :)

  3. ............
    pengen dessertnya.. :|


  4. *Speechless, drooling on keyboard*
    Sepertinya enak sekalih... nyemmm... tapi cabangnya ga ada yg deket2 sini yak? hehehe...


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