Monday, October 31, 2011

Work these days...

I've been working on anything.. seems like nothing has done completely. So I decided to give up some, and focus on some (still, can't just focus on one cos I apparently haven't decide what's my major passion so far). Here's a peek on what I do these days..

Welcoming baby Fabian (Ola & David's)!

We took the maternity photosession at Sunday, October 9th after we delayed 2 weeks due to Ola's health.. The baby due was predicted late October, or early November.. and then on Thursday, October 13th, I received shocking text messages, she delivered the baby already, at dawn!

So, I should say.. This, is a dangerous business, my friend.

Shoot it at 7 months, the shape of the tummy won't be perfectly bloated. After it hit 8 months, tummy looks good, but she can seriously give birth in anytime!

Tricky. I know, right.

But it was fun, really :)
It's easier if we know who we are working with. This is our first experience working on maternity shot, and we're lucky to have Ola and David as our first one. Working with them is just like a session of group laughter, all day long.. and eating, too. They are such a bubbly couple so working on the expression we're not the issue. The issue was... we're hungry all the time. Hahaha :D

Thank you guys for making this happen. I hope you like the results, yay!

Tomorrow will have an early morning baby Fabian's photoshoot :)
Beyond excited! Yay!

Oh, if you haven't known yet.. I've been working with my brother in photography business. Basically we capture anything, but mostly human. Hahahaha! Pre-wedding, Wedding, Post-wedding, group photos, kids, maternity, family, or narcism shot. Seriously, anything! We actually got 2 photographers (my bro and his partner), and I was actually just a supporting in graphic and design, but my brother's partner decided to leave the group so it's just a family business now.. YAY! and I'm thinking to get myself a decent DigiSLR so I can.. yeah.

If you are interested but don't have much budgets, give me a buzz so we could settle things out! :)


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