Monday, July 18, 2011

Day 24 - A Song That I Want to Play at My Funeral

I always want my life to be.. fascinating. Well, i want it to be.. lively, no regrets, full of joy and insanity.. that kind of fascination.

Not only for me, but also for the ones that I love.. my family, my friends, even to people I barely know (but they know me - ho'oh maksudnya, gue semacam artis gimana gitu).


So when I die, people will remember me in awesomeness. Hell-yeah!

And for myself, I will go in peace. Not regretting that I haven't done many things I wanted due to this and that. I wanna leave this world with the feeling that my time has come, my life is done, and I think I did many, and I did well.

The word is on your lips - say the word! FAS-CI-NA-TION!

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