Sunday, May 30, 2010

calm, girl!

A friend (or more) mentioned that once about me. Over analyze things. I kept wondering if I were that girl...

Kept wondering about that = over analyze yada yada yada. :(

I was over analyzing about this one-thing today, it sucked my good mood, drained my joy and the most annoying.. it consumed my energy! (which i could use it to draw/write/cook/etc name something useful lah!)

and.. you know what? Things turned upside down when I, the one who over analyze things, realize that I actually mis-judge that one-thing! I lold inside, kept telling myself a dumbass, stupidiot, moronic little brat!

I told myself, if I wasn't over analyzing things today, I wouldn't spend the happiness for.. this.. Nothingness! And I just remembered one thing, we need to be calm when mess occur to save our own ass from thing called self-intimidation!

Whoosaaaah! I am calm now :)
Things get clearer when we calm. at least it works, for me.

When we had nothing left to stand up, we suddenly remember that we have God, and surrender seem to be the last thing on earth we could do, so we did.

God has just showed me again how to rely everything to Him wholeheartedly today. I'd like to do better than just oh-no-there's-no-other-way-oh-God-please-help-i-surrender but i-am-Yours-be-it-unto-me-oh-Lord :)

Sounds really hard to do, but here I am, Lord.. Be it unto me. :)


  1. manusia (seenggaknya gue) emang kadang suka terlalu memikirkan sesuatu dengan terlalu berat dan intens seakan tanpa memiliki bantuan sama sekali sampai hal2 lain terabaikan, padahal jelas2 kita punya Dia yang selalu ada buat anak2Nya.

    jadi berpikirlah seefektif mungkin, bekerjalah seefisien mungkin. lalu lihat apa yang akan terjadi dalam Dia. *ala om mario*


  2. @met: heeh tuuh, kadang sampe terjelembab didalam pikiran sendiri (apalagi gue, gollum ajaib!), deep down inside gue tau there's nothing to be worried about, tapiii, i'm just a human, made from flesh and blood, ternyata berserah 100% itu susah sekali. PR seumur idup! but i'm trying to do my best while i know very well He's doing the rest..

    ciaaat! bet bet!


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