Thursday, March 4, 2010


Inspired by puti's idea about what's romantic.

This is Romantic, according to my small sized brain :)

1. Singing Praises and Worship to God together... going to church together.
2. Shut up when I cry without trying to give the smart talky.
3. Tell me things from the eye talks - no words needed.
4. Thinks that I'm still the nicest and silliest even when things gone even worse.
5. Only letting fights went over a day.
6. Treat my mom like he treat his own mom. Talk to my dad sincerely. Hang out with my brother like a very good friend. Play with my baby brother like a kid.
7. Enjoy the silence together.
8. Secret signs - only we know!
9. Guy drives! While girl have fun with guy's hand!
10. Mushy talks... NOT!
11. My dreams is as important as your dreams, let's get it done together!
12. Letting me have a PUG instead of Golden Retriever or any kind of cool dogs (tee-hee)
13. Getting old together and holding hands wherever you go - tetangga gue ada nih yang kaya gini, so romantico-fantastico, eh?
14. The Katro-er, the more we adore each other..... yeeeeah!
15. ... (will fill another l8r)

and FYI, i'm easily pleased but not into romantic thingy actually :D
the nicer the sweeter, the sillier the better!

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