Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas random time

Ga sempet bikin artwork apa-apaan nih,
but anyways..

Merry Christmas :-)

Wishing you the warmest and brightest peaceful experience with Jesus Christ Himself in this very time. God bless us all..

Mari jadi pribadi yang lebih baik lagi.. karena sesungguhnya, Allah menciptakan kita baik dan serupa gambaranNya.

aaack i know i know, hopefully nicerandsillier will be up soooon!
and by the way, this guy is smokin' hot.

Yeah i mean, really-really handsome and... mouthwatering!!!!

My new Love,
Sam Worthington
(aka Jake Sully - Avatar)

Yes, Baby, I'm thinkin about you too.....

Don't you think he's a bit look like Christian Bale?
bibirnya tipis. aaaaaaaarrg!! *pengsan*

Yes, Avatar was reaaaaally good. Nice coloring, and nice Sully. La la laaaaah~
Oh no, should I switch my best movie in 2009 to Avatar and best guy-crush to this sweetiecutiepieoohiwannatakeyouhome?

Going to sleep really really soon, going to have a non-mall type of weekend :-)

Happy holidays guys!
and happy jolly Christmas!

God bless!


  1. gak mirip Christian Bale ah.. tp emang setipe.. yahh sptnya gw sudah memahami tipe pria idaman lo spt apa Oen hahaa..
    btw cerbungnya mana nii?? mnunggu klanjutannya..

  2. btw oen, gw uda nemu.. sam worthington (for me) miripnya sama ben affleck. yeah. hehehee..


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