Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Almost everything.

*from getty*

This is about my own personal brat.

At first I was reddish. She, was bluish.. and soon after that, we were purplish.

We shared almost everything together. Everything but boys.

She knew what's inside my head, and I was a psychic for knowing what's she gonna do next.

We shared the same bed at school health center, ditching classes. Chat on the last page of our note book, talking about boys, what to eat, even mocking teachers on it. (We once got cynically mentioned in front of class by a teacher about this lol)

She cried when I did, I shed on tears when she was sad. We laughed hard when we found something funny. We bought the same keychain, stuffed animals, pencils, almost everything. We talked on phone every day although we knew we just met at school. We hang out at malls with friends, but ended up being just the two of us, eat, drink, item hunting, got a taxi then go home. Went to seafood stall near her house, ate clams like crazy while talking about boys, school, and probably, almost everything!

We fought sometimes. We refused to talk to each other many many times. We start being busy with our (ex) boyfriend(s). We got separated by times we got to college. We met new friends. Sometimes we miss our times together, in other time we just didn't have time to meet each other. In another time we met, talked, laughed, like crazy.

She always blame me everytime we cooked pastas, french fries, even said this,

"Setiap ketemu lo gue bawaannya makan melulu nih!"

... while having herself still being busy, blending the ice, mixing it up with sweetened milk (lotsa lotsa lotsss), cappuccino and get fat.

Ah, we exchanged our diary book.. sweet, eh?

Things are not always good between us, i made her disappointed many times, and she pissed me off pretty often.

I might not be the bestest friend she ever had.. I made her sad during her wedding day.. and when I realized that I did wrong, i still hurt her already. I am really really sorry.

Thank God everything's alright now. After small reunion last night, we dig the mall together, talking about almost everything, like we always did. I am happy! and I wish she is.

Not only that, after we got home, she called me, and we talked about.. almost everything!

Wish you all the best, dear. God bless your little family! and you know, I love you sister :-)

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