Saturday, August 1, 2009

Saya ingin jadi detektif!

Saya ingin jadi detektif!

Working on cases (instead of 'projects'),
Hanging around at HQ (well, we can also call my office as HQ, of course),
or maybe at (DNA) lab (not at printing-mockup room - yes, the new room that gave me goosebumps. ask me not),
sometimes checking out crime scenes (nah, client's office is not equal to crime scenes, not even close).

Interviewing the witnesses,
interrogating the suspecteds (not clients, or vendors, yeah for that)
inspecting the evidences (evidence, not client brief, woohoooo!)
tell me what's not cool about that! (for now it sounds cooler than my job haha)

Yeah, to be honest, my job sounds so dull right now!

Sorry, I was probably too-much-watching-foxcrime! *pretty much still excited after watching CSI haha*

and btw, watched UP today with my little brother :-)
as told in my plurk, the best part of this movie is to see him super-happy.

Aku senang hari ini :-)

ps. hope you doin' fine, my mr nice guy. selamat melayani :-)

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  1. setelah diprotes susah komen, mari kita coba.... (abis di ganti settingannya) tes gannnn!


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