Saturday, July 11, 2009


It soothes when I see..

..a couple, walking hand in hand, giggling around while the sun shines like no mercy, get in to a public transportation car, and still look happy.

..a daddy holds his babykid, while the mom busy with pieces of clothes in the SALE box. old lady, working in the church, like almost everyday includes Sunday.

..a family, parents with 2 or 3 kids, having meal at colonel sanders' junk food resto, the dad looks dizzy counting the cost, the mom looks dizzy also for taming the excited kids. a bowl of chicken porridge can make a boy (read: my little brother) super-happy.

..and many simple things. It's not only soothes, by the way.. it kills. It makes me cry sometimes.. how happiness could be assumed in different ways..

If you think driving old car is not enough, and you need a new car, look at the people who need to hop into one bus and another only to be in a place, in sunny and rainy days..

If you only care about Esprit, Louboutin or Balenciaga, think about people who could only care for "what to eat tomorrow"..

If you could think about fancy holiday, how about people who work very hard and sometimes far from home just to earn money so they can feed their beloved ones?

Be grateful for everything you have right now, at that point you will realize how lucky and blessed you are, and you couldn't really get a single reason not to be happy.

So.. what makes you happy? :-)

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