Saturday, May 2, 2009

shitty attitudes i hate

When some people are entering my room without thinking any possibilities that I, probably wanna be alone at the moment, and the hell with socializing. Yes, I am an anti-social for most all times.

Without knocking is the shittest, while knocking and entering the room before I told is shitter.

When I accidently have same stuffs with my friend, then she/he started to compare how much it costs and when she/he founds that I bought it more expensive than she/he did, she/he started to blab around on how unlucky I was. wtf.

When some people likes to speak english when you know the most that she/he speaks in broken broke broke english. Well if you're in term of learning by doing, that's fine, but the hell with the attitudes that actually saying "i can kok.. eh whuth ishh yuh do beib?" *in chincha lora's accent*

And i'd like to just reply, "whuth dhe frugh manhh!??!"

Saying things that make people flattered, and then just left, is unacceptable. Yes, you, if you're asking yourself "eh issit me?" - cos it's probably you. Just uninstall your messenger and burn your puter instead!

and oh, btw, i miss you so much :-(

To actually spread hatred and jealousy towards me becos I'm too close to their guys. Bah, nek, if I want to, pasti udah gue gerayangin, if your guy spent many years with me already and you're saying I could interfere your relationship with your guy, being the 3rd party or whatsoever, ..ngga banget gitu loh?!

i used to hate those feelings, but i kinda enjoy it now to see how takut-kalah-saing those poor girls are! cuma si oen doang gitu loh? haha, eat that!

When you entered a store, and the shopkeeper follows you all around. heck!!!

Banyak orang menyebalkan lately, cuma bisa ketawa, terus di lempar kesini.
Have a nice weekend! Will get another pretty busy one, as usual. Gosh I need a long break!



  1. I have a little secret.. Sst.. I have a tiny gun under my pillow.. Mw minjem? Sst.. Ini rhs.. ;)

  2. pinjem dong dim...

    btw tadi ke kondangan list gue nambah lagi..

    Masih ada yah orang modern yang NGGA MAU NGANTRI? gue dorong aja setiap kali pas-pasan! pfft!

  3. Wuahahahahahahaha.. Nice! Hrsny jendul kepalany 3x..


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