Monday, April 13, 2009

True Colors.

"But I see your true colors
Shining through
I see your true colors
And that's why I love you

So don't be afraid to
let them show
Your true colors
True colors are beautiful,
Like a rainbow"

{cyndi lauper's true color}

When you asked me
"Do you like it"
I will answer it right away, 
"Yes" or "No"
sometimes "I like it so much"
or "Nah, I hate it"
or "Ah, so-so".
If you tell me about something,
and I don't have any idea about it,
I will asked you rightaway, "What is it?"
instead of laughing cluelessly outside,
meanwhile inside you're sweating
and trying to think hard wth-was-that!%#$%

I'm not really into trends.
I will never drink starbucks coffees
so people can really see how cool I am becos of it
or even eating sour sally
only becos others think fro-yo is hip?
or maybe blackberries,
only for push email (and what you got now is only junk-mail instead of business-important-materials), or facebook-ing (doh), and or chatting 24/7.
** it's not like i hate starbucks, soursally and blackberry loh, they're cool. The one not cool is if people eat/use them only for letting other people know that hey-man-look-i-eat/use-this-i-am-superduperawesome!!! ..... seriously, dude?


I will never buy a ticket to beyonce's concert,
cos all I know about her songs was just
"to the left to the left..."
and some other songs I couldn't even recall.

And I always try to see my capacity.
I will say "I cannot" when I really can't.
not forcing myself to (automatically able to) do it well;
in fact I know I got no knowledge at all to that subject
and, oh, when people raised their either left or right eyebrow
like really trying to say, "WT*" with their expression
or even laughing sarcastically,
you should realize how stupid you are by doing that.
and too bad you didn't.

Oops! Should be talking about me, not about other people. sowwy :-)

Sorry I mumbled too far. I only wonder to some certain people who aren't really realize their true colors - till now. It's just like, how hard it is for you to tell what you like and what not, what you think and not about what they think. Show your true colors! By faking it, what do you actually trying to prove?

you want me to highlight your whole body with stabilo (highlighter) so the whole world would know that you're important? (lebih asik di indonesiain nih.. nyolotnya baru pascok! hihi)


*pic taken from photobuckets gallery


  1. "lo mo sebadan-badan lo gue stabiloin biar seluruh dunia tau lo penting?" gitu ga terjemahan kalimat terakhirnya? hihihi..

    btw, kayanya gue bisa nangkep esensi ttg "warna" dalam diri u dalam 1-3 kalimat. sisanya... NYINYIR. hihihi...

  2. met> terjemahannya kaya gini nih, "perlu sebadan lo gue stabiloin supaya sluruh dunia tau kalo lo penting? HAH HEH HOH" << bumbu kehidupan. sep dah!

    warna gue memang warna menyinyir kali ya? thanks loh met! hahkhakahk

  3. wen, lebih mantep kalo pake bhs indonesah kayaknyah.. hihi.

  4. Emang kadang lebih gampang ngeliat "warna asli"nya orang lain yah dibanding ngeliat warna asli diri sendiri, gw aja sampe sekarang masih dalam proses menyelami diri sendiri *kayanya ga ada abisnya* tapi menurut gw itu penting so u could know yourself better :D. Tak kenal maka tak sayang kan? Hehehe...

  5. IMHO, you just gotta "talk" with yourself more.. tapi yaa, people keeps changing.. one day lo A, krn satu dan lain hal, besok lo bisa B. it's okay for me, asal lo tau n sadar betul kapan momennya lo 'berubah'.

    Yang penting sih jangan BUNGLON aja.. people like A, you too. people hates B, you too. halah! *curcol*

  6. ya mungkin warnanya dia adalah warna bunglon kali. adapatatif dan antisipatif terhadap apa yang terjadi disekelilingnya (baca: kagapunyapendiriangobloog!)

    biarin aja lah. kalo kitanya mah disabar2in aja, toh yang rugi dia sendiri juga kok *mendadag ikut2an curhat*

  7. Yup!
    Somepeople need u/me/us to highlight their whole body with stabilo.. N thats not rili rili fun for u/me/us to do it, 'cos sometimes we must do it again..again.. N again..

    I need somepeople too, to highlight my whole body with stabilo.. Just to strengthen my soul.. Sometimes

    Didn't u?

    ...if this world makes u crazy
    And u've taken all u can bear
    U call me up
    'cos u know i'll be there...
    (Cyndi Lauper's True Colors) *suarany lucu ya.. :D


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