Thursday, April 9, 2009



I decided to try google chrome since my old lousy browser keeps crashing and pissed me off most of the times. Let's see if it's better as promised. haha.

and, oh.
another TAG plays!

4 simple wishes to be granted.

To be able to get a real-good quality time of sleep.
Slept before midnite and having some thoughts of
"k i shud sleep now cos tomorrow's workloads will be even crazier than today"
is not counted as "good-quality time of sleep"
waking up becos of alarm strokes?

RANDOM PIC, sorry. NOT about dumplings and roti prata :D
it's about the essence of cooking itself.
Some people says, cooking can really relieve stress.

To hear good pick up lines.
(read: I need a good laugh.)

Black Satin Headband with Large Bowtie.
I know it sounds childish but I want it anyway :P

& anyone.


  1. ehh pls review google chrome later yah wen.. hehe. agak mirip2 opera ya spertinya?

  2. quick review for google chrome!

    it's faster, and more compact. As you can see, you won't find any search bar on it, cos it's combined with the address bar, which is very cool, ngga makan tempat :P hehe

    harus napak sih makenya, kadang juga bingung, but mostly sih gampang dimengerti. like all menu, you can get it on the icons on the right. tinggal click click ajah. intinya sih dibutuhkan eksplorasi.

    Soal kecepatan, i think it's faster, dibuktikan dengan pet society dan restaurant city hahaha

    So far so good, imma bout to stick with google chrome! bybye firefox teeheee

  3. Hoow, jadi pengen coba juga *agak penasaran*
    Weks, saya blom sempet post apa2 di blog, hihi...


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